Rick FEEL Organic Mediterranean Gin 500ml 41%


Includes 20% MwSt.

A Mediterranean gin that immediately takes you to the Mediterranean coast. Thyme from Croatia, rosemary from Italy, olives from Spain, basil from Austria, hand-cut orange blossoms, in harmony with fine pepper and juniper notes make Rick FEEL a unique representative of the Mediterranean region. A gin that invites you to dream and won't let you go again so quickly.

"Rick Gin" is a premium organic gin that is handcrafted from purely organic ingredients. The focus is on regionality and sustainability. The production takes place using the most modern firing technology. It is produced exclusively according to the highest of all quality standards - “London Dry” - by hand in Gamlitz in southern Styria. Master Distiller Patrick Marchl brings 3 types of organic gin onto the market after countless tests. Rick Rich a dry gin which is fruity and particularly citrus-heavy with 43% alcohol; a London Dry Gin - Rick Brave - with strong juniper notes, fine pepper and ginger noticeable in the nose and palate with strong 47% alcohol, as well as the Rick FEEL, a Mediterranean gin in which rosemary, olive, orange blossom paired with basil and thyme set the tone - with a perfectly balanced 41% alcohol.


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