ORGANIC GIN Botanicals Set


Includes 20% MwSt.

When the spice experts are honored. Combining moments of pleasure with the gintlemen from Rick Gin results in a very special BIO Gin Botanicals Set!

“Gin and Tonic”, as the experts call it, is right on trend and has already established itself at the same time. Of course, the real Gintlemen does not mix it up randomly, but rather coordinates gin and tonic with each other. Because with the different gins different taste profiles develop. And so the right tonic is also required to perfectly support the gin.

Suitable botanicals are used for an extra kick - high-quality organic spices are more exciting than the classic cucumber. And the best botanicals in excellent BIO quality can be found in the honor. Moments of pleasure x Rick Gin BIO Gin Botanicals Set!

Tip: Use botanicals sparingly - high-quality spices are very aromatic, even in small quantities!

Contents: 72 g

Organic ingredients: 17g allspice, 17g juniper berries, 21g smoked tiger pepper, 12g pink pepper berries, 5g hibiscus flowers.


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